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NOTE: After downloading any Fanboy skin, remove the .zip extension. This may only happen if your .vl2 files are associated with winzip. This is an IE bug.

Now Available: Stormtrooper! Boba Fett! The Punisher!
3 New skins availble! STORMTROOPER by Sychian, BOBA FETT by BobaPhunk, and finally THE PUNISHER! Also check out our additional Screenshots!

To use the skins, download the desired skin file, and place it in the directory: tribes2/gamedata/base/textures/skins/
There is no longer any need to unzip the skins, since the .vl2 is all that Tribes2 needs. If this directory does not exist, you will need to create it.

Special notes:
-Make sure you have "show custom skins" on.
-You must have the skins available before you start the game.
-Custom skins will NOT show up when you first join a game. You must wait for a new map to load... then you will see custom skins.
-These skins are for the male body
-Some servers have "show custom skins" off by default.

other screenshots and skins:

Flash 2 Cyclops Superman

Have a request? Let me know!

please note that the zip files contains the standard skin files. high-res 512 skins can be obtained from the menu link.

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